Monday, February 20, 2017

Powers Of The Oak


The final piece of my performance at The Cabinet of the Solar Plexus exhibition last September, which ended my set in the all seated Georgian venue of 12 Henrietta Street in total darkness, is now available to be heard online.

Endless gratitude to Jessica for her wonderful guest vocal, and to Dolorosa De La Cruz for making it all possible.

"Venus am I, the love and light of earth,
The wealth of kisses, the delight of tears,
The barren pleasure never come to birth,
The endless, infinite desire of years.
I am the shrine at which thy long desire
Devoured thee with intolerable fire.
I was song, music, passion, death, upon thy lyre -
Thy lyre!"

A Man In Full

Two songs from the final - and though completed, until now unreleased - album by Martin A. Egan (28 January 1952 - 24 November 2015 RIP), A Man In Full, are also now available to hear online. The album will be launched with a tribute concert on the third of March, more information here.

The Gardener And The Grower features orchestral electronics from myself and Tommy O Sullivan of Estel on electric guitar and drums.

"Take me out beyond myself,
to where the masks all fade to dust,
take my spirit further still,
beyond this world of gold and rust."

James Bond is Invincible (as usual) features myself on electronics, Dara 'Dip' Higgins of the Jimmy Cake on bass and Paul 'Binzer' Brennan of The Frames on drums.

Ten Records

I speak about ten favourite albums for Adverse Effect magazine, including Crass, Aaliyah, traditional West African drumming, Duke Ellington, Indian classical music, Comus’ First Utterance, Robert Ashley, Ramleh’s ‘90s rock incarnation, and Coil's How To Destroy Angels.

Cold Dead Hands and Catscars live video and audio

I can be seen and heard performing live with Patrick Kelleher on the first episode of Myles O'Reilly and Donal Dineen's This Ain't No Disco, and with Catscars on the January episode of the Co-Present.