Saturday, September 27, 2014


BC / SW / DMD Live Samhain 2014

This Halloween, the trio of Suzanne Walsh, Diamuid MacDiarmada, and myself play live for the first time in over two years (during this period of silence to the outer world we have managed to record a lot of new material, to be released when the time and place are right). Giving the event - which is in our favourite venue in Dublin (and sadly due to close its doors for good at the end of the year) - even more of a reunion feel, we'll be sharing the stage (and Diarmuid) with the sensational Tarrac√≥ir, who feature dear old friends and collaborators Gavin Prior and Bryan O'Connell. 

SAW 2014

I (alongside Ed Devane, Andy Mooney amongst others) have contributed music to the sound installation at the Sonic Arts Waterford festival in collaboration with W.I.T. Vertical Studio and Waterford Festival of Architecture.