Sunday, August 31, 2014

Jah Sev

I have a track on this compilation release, which is dedicated to John Everall who is dying of stomach cancer. The money raised from this is going towards his funeral costs.
John Everall is responsible for records of intense electronic music released as Tactile, and also known for his label Sentrax, which was among the first to put out experimental work by the likes of Mick Harris of Scorn + Napalm Death, Justin Broadrick of Godflesh, James Plotkin and more.
John was one of the first people to encourage and recommend my own work online upon hearing some of my earliest recordings. I recall he compared what I was doing with Eno's On Land and Lull's Cold Summer, truly a great compliment. His enthusiasm was definitely a factor in my dedicating of myself to musical work.
My piece on this release is one of those earliest tracks of mine that he would have heard back then, with the bulk of the track (created from voice and piano and later reworked in the soundtrack to Michael Higgins' film The Poorhouse Revisited) being originally recorded in September 2006 and with additional material recorded and overdubbed last month, and was wonderfully mastered by Gregg Janman of Hermitech Mastering. Also on the compilation appear many luminaries of experimental and electronic music, including principal collaborators with Coil such as Stephen Thrower, Drew McDowall, and Danny Hyde, Nurse With Wound members such as irr. app. (ext.), Andrew Liles, and Christoph Heemann, Anthony Child (Surgeon), and many, many more.