Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Water and Fire


Many thanks to all who attended the August Joinery event, to the wonderfully helpful individuals behind the venue, to Dolorosa for her fantastic visuals, to Diarmuid MacDiarmada for sound engineering, and to my fellow performers, the always brilliant Children Under Hoof and the always superb Estel.
Each of the three acts (of five individuals each) functioned as living pentagrams in an event functioning as an invocation of specific planetary energies with the aim of transmitting and increasing certain magickal currents.
Excellent photos from the event can be seen here. My thanks to the photographers.

Laura Sheeran Remix

My hardcore ambient / codeine minimalist remix of Laura Sheeran's wonderful "The Sadness Of The Sea" is available for free download here. Also check out the other remixes of the track, they're great! While you're at it, I give my highest possible recommendation to the fantastic ep - "to the depths" - from which the song originates.

Untied Babel Statues

A new album by United Bible Studies is out now on Apollolaan Recordings, featuring contributions and vocals (a duet with Suzanne Walsh with lyrics in Celestial Speech) from myself.

I noticed a minor misnomer on the Apollolaan website regarding my contributions that I wish to clean up. I used no loops whatsoever, rather they were heavily treated field recordings of certain places (my back garden and Christchurch Cathedral) and myself playing violin, drums and Tibetan bells and bowls - all modified and mixed on the spot.

This release has already sold out from Apollolaan themselves, however the last copies will be available from Volcanic Tongue and Norman Records soon.

A song and video created around the same time and at the same location as the above release, which features Goetic atmospherics from myself and stars me as the eye behind the foxhead, can be heard and seen here.

Finally, a recording of my first live apperance with the band can be heard here.