Monday, April 12, 2010


upcoming first full length solo release will be on the lumberton trading company label, as part of a series of vinyl releases, alongside artists i am great fans of, such as andrew liles (nurse with wound), faust and jhonn balance (coil). more information soon.

likewise i am also delighted and honoured to be a guest on laura sheeran's forthcoming debut release "music for the deep woods", again alongside some of my favourite artists including clodagh simmons (fovea hex), colin potter (nurse with wound / ora / monos) and michael begg (human greed), amongst many other luminaries.

currently working on an album with martin a. egan, which is turning out to be one of the most unique and remarkable things i have had the pleasure to be involved in.

work continues on new songs with suzanne walsh, and we hope to play live again soon, perhaps even boasting an extended line up featuring diarmuid macdiarmada and damien donovan.

forthcoming collaboration with owensie.

more information on all the above in time.