Sunday, November 8, 2009


second solo performance information:

many thanks to the mick o'shea and the guesthouse, the other speakers and of course audience.
my own performance which closed this symposium on the subject of ritual was a combination of lecture, live music, thelemic ritual, and hypnosis.

the performance began with the performance of three rituals:
- the star ruby
- the lesser rituals of the pentagram and the hexagram
...the musical backing of which was a recreation of leila waddell's "tone tesatament" violin piece as published in vol. 1 no. 8 of the equinox. my preperation of this piece took place on october 12 of this year, aleister crowley's birthday. all numerical and ratio settings of equipment used were set to specific significant values made with consultation to liber 777. many thanks to jpaul morton for bringing waddell's score to my attention.

next was an example of group ericksonian hypnosis, with discussion on shared trance states and how the stucture of hypnosis can be applied directly to musical composition.

as it was all soul's day, the remainder of my set consisted of the performance of the following songs, dedicated to friends of mine have departed:
- in memory of sinead gallagher
- in memory of raonaid murray
- in memory of aidrian o' brien
...including a discussion on the experiences and attitudes towards the subject of death, including personal reminiscences.

official remix of steven stapleton (nurse with wound) and tony wakeford (sol invictus)'s "revenge of the selfish shellfish" out now:

my ten minute remix of the original album is included alongside remixes, reworkings and alernate versions by irr. app. (ext.), steven stapleton, tony wakeford, and andrew liles on a companion cd to the original album, which has been superbly remastered by matt waldron, is available as a gorgeous double cd set from robot records.

live performance dublin this month:

myself and suzanne walsh, with live guest the wonderful gavin prior, will be playing at the joinery, stoneybatter, 28th november, alongside the excellent papercut, and the always remarkable united bible studies.