Wednesday, July 29, 2009


i've been aware that i don't have a publicly visible internet presence for announcements and such. while i do have accounts on myspace and facebook, these are private and i should state that i only accept requests from people i personally know or have actual connections with. i do hope to have a proper website online in the near future, with downloadable music archives and galleries, but for now this blog will function as my public internet presence.

musical projects:

setlist for first solo concert, at one of diarmuid macdiarmada's regular earthquack events (22 may 2009, the shed, dublin):
- the heart of tiphareth
- ericksonian formal trance induction
- per vas nefandum
- alprazolam springtime
- forer effect (cold reading : barnum statements + rainbow ruses)
- in memory of sinead gallagher
- sold lavish
- planning commission (guyana 1978)
- the path
- scum
- nest of vipers
- twins (cover version of a ramleh album which does not exist)
- pawprints

boredom and certainty:

an improvised live electronics project by damien donovan, brian o'shea and myself. hours of material have been recorded, a resivour of material to be dipped into, often reworked into our own projects. on one occassion in a concert setting with an audience present (21 november 2008, the oak, dublin). we continue to record on an informal, semi-regular basis. the highlights of these sessions could possibly be collated and released in the future.

female orphan asylum brian conniffe with vicky langan.

live performances:

26 september 2008, the whiskey, cork
28 september 2008, the pavillion, cork
31 october 2008, the other place, cork
22 feburary 2009, an seo, dublin [in which i also performed as guest with papercut] 24 may 2009, an seo, dublin
28 june 2009, eamonn dorans, dublin
11 july 2009, st finn barres cathedral, cork
16 july 2009, the lower deck, dublin

some reactions:

"Female Orphan Asylum the definite standout, cannot wait to hear the album and will strive to make any more live sets in future. Pretty simple but effective visuals, opening and closing with Vicky's heartbeat was a nice touch also. I actually found myself becoming nauseated at the end of the set during a tsunamic wave of noise. Any band that can manage that is worth seeing again, luckily for myself, nearby spectators and multiple pieces of expensive machinery I managed to pull through unsoiled."

"yeah, FOA were incredible,it was like the sound was being beamed in from other world.Can't wait for the album."

"as for female orphan asylum i wasnt sold by their stuff on their myspace. things with foa became quite interesting during set up it was like watching a dreadlocked benny hill and a one of his girls set up? the only actual instrument on stage with them was a violin, but it was a different story from their myspace music, pretty cool,"

"Excellent gig. FOA were intriguing. As Squigz said -'I don't want to say they were 'interesting' because that is a bit pretentious but they were.....errrrmmm...'
Me- 'Interesing?'
Squigz- 'Yeah'.
It became painful at one point the noise was so fucking loud and harsh. it felt like molten noize being poured in to your ears and filling up every crevace of your body... Interesting indeed."

"FOA, to my ears, were absolutely horrible. I can't understand that kind of craic at all. Yer man seemed an absolute gentleman out in the beer garden, but god I was in physical pain during their set."

"That'll prob be the blurb on the poster for their next gig!"

"Quite far removed from Cairbre's decription of their previous set as being 'soothing', Female Orphan Asylum were mental. When I walked in they had already started and it just sounded like a wall of black noise. Stuck it out for a few minutes and it took som sort of shape. I neither particularly enjoyed it nor hated it, it was what it was and as someone who doesn't know much about 'noise' or 'drone' or whatever label its called I've never seen anything like it before."

"FOA's set was certainly different than usual. There was a blurb going around describing them as "power electronics" so they decided to give that a lash. They were in full flow when I arrived. I went up towards the front but felt the fabric of reality beginning to fray so I scuttled away towards the back. Brian's onstage pointing was terribly rude though, that kind of behaviour has no place in noise."

"I'm not sure what exactly it was, but it involved a loud high pitched noise. And it fucking hurt. Thanks again for destroying my right ear. and guess which ear the stupid fucking headset thing I have to use in work is for?MY RIGHT EAR.I've barely been able to understand people this morning at all."

"Amazing. Everyone should get to witness something like this at least once in their life."

"Absolutely perfect."

other collaborations:
agitated radio pilot (one song on world winding down, and more material yet to be released), nurse with wound (soon to be released), providing enthnographic recordings for william bennett's afro noise project, martin egan (guest live - 19 june 2009, whelans, dublin - and currently working on further songs), clodagh simmons / fovea hex (forthcoming), united bible studies (future album release), suzanne walsh, over (live guest).

upcoming live performances:
7 august 2009, crawdaddy, dublin (guest with over)
26 september 2009, cork (guest with over)

visual art:

having run foul in the past of the moral guardians of myspace, photobucket and geocities - all dead set against the deprativity of art which might depict eroticism or nudity - they will only be up on the livejournal for now. as always, some people may find them disturbing or offensive, choose for yourself what you want to see or not.